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Udemy Online Course Promotion! The Success Classroom is now offering online Udemy courses in Mathematics and Physics on various topics! Please access the “Online Academy” page for more details.
Do pm Dr Ling for the promo code to get discounted access to the course (limited time period offer with more than 80% off!). These courses are suitable for students who are preparing for their GCE/IGCSE A levels or the IB SL/HL Math or Physics papers.
– Dr Ling is now offering one-to-one home tuition to students from selected locations! Please visit Tuition Lessons and Fees for more information.
– The Success Classroom congratulates all students who have done well in their 2021 GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level examinations. For a list of our students’ testimonials, please visit the testimonial page.
– Dear interested students and parents, our 2022 enrollment is currently opened. Please kindly watsapp/msg Dr Ling at 98417851 for more details about the tuition lessons (do not call). Thank you for your understanding. 😉

At The Success Classroom, we provide students with ONE-TO-ONE TUITION HELP from a well-qualified tutor (former SAP-School teacher and MOE Teaching Award Holder).

The Success Classroom offers two modes of tuition services:
A. Customized lessons at selected venue (usually it’s at or near where Dr. Ling is staying [Change of address to 70 Hougang Ave 7, The Florida]. Dr. Ling will only conduct lessons with one student per session.
B. One to one home tuition, where Dr Ling will go to student’s place for the session (mainly in the North/North-east area: Hougang, Sengkang, Serangoon, Kovan, Buangkok etc)
Fees will be slightly cheaper for mode A.

Teaching Subject Specializations:
1) Lower Secondary Maths
2) IP/IB/N/O level EMaths/AMaths/Physics(Pure)/Physics(Combined)
3) ‘A’ level H1/H2 Maths
4) IGCSE Maths or IB SL/HL Maths
5) IB SL Physics/H1/H2 Physics

Why Choose The Success Classroom?
1) Tuition classes are personally taught by Dr Daniel Ling, PhD, a former MOE Teaching Award holder and SAP school teacher with two master degrees. One-to-one home tuition is now available. Please see Tuition Lessons and Fees for more information.
2) The lessons are individualized and fully customized to fit the learning needs of every student. Each lesson is 2 hours, one-to-one coaching.
3) Reasonable tuition fees (remember you are engaging an experienced former MOE SAP-School teacher with a Ph.D. and a proven track records)
4) 24 by 7 handphone support via watsapp. Dr Ling’s tuition help does not confine to only the weekly two hours lessons. Out of the classroom, students can simply snap a picture of the problems to Dr Ling, and Dr Ling will revert asap with the solution!
5) Learning materials and practice papers are provided free of charge.
6) No registration fees required.

SMS/WATSAPP: 98417851.

Some recent testimonials: more can be found at http://www.thesuccessclassroom.com/testimonials/

Student DL sat for the 2019 A level exams. Dr Ling taught him H2 Physics and H2 Maths.

Student ZH sat for the 2019 O level exams.
Dr Ling taught him Pure Physics and A/E Maths.

Student ‘Nicholas’ sat for the 2018 A level examinations.
Dr Ling taught him H2 Physics and H2 Math.

Student ‘Nigel Teo’ sat for the 2018 A level examination.
Dr Ling taught him H2 Math.

Student ‘Josephine’ sat for 2018 A level examinations.
Dr Ling taught her H2 Maths, and her grade jumped from a ‘U’ to a ‘C’.
Well, Dr Ling is not a miracle worker…but she has really tried her best.
Well done Jo!

Student sat for his GCE O level in 2018.
Obtained distinctions for AMaths, EMaths and Science.

Please whatsapp/sms Dr Ling at 98417851 for more details about the lessons and for enrollment. However, enrollment is only confirmed if there is still vacancy and the first lesson is started with Dr Ling.

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